Drømmetidaf Richard Ipsen

Udgivet 12. november 2010

199 kr (159,20 kr)

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Science Fiction Cirklen (The Science Fiction Circle) is a long running Danish Union for Science Fiction fans in Denmark. We publish zines and books, mostly in Danish. This is a mini sub-page in English with information about the books we have published in English and how you can order them.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards 

Two of the short stories Science Fiction Cirklen has had translated into English have been nominated for a translation award. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards are for works of speculative fiction translated into English from other languages. The short stories can until the winners have been announced be read here. The winning works will be announced at the 2012 Finncon on the weekend of July 21-22.

The nominees can be read for free here.

“The Short Arm of History” by Kenneth Krabat, translated from the Danish by Niels Dalgaard
(Sky City: New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors, Carl-Eddy Skovgaard ed., Science Fiction Cirklen)

“The Green Jacket” by Gudrun Östergaard, translated from the Danish by the author and Lea Thume
(Sky City: New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors, Carl-Eddy Skovgaard ed., Science Fiction Cirklen)

Books in English

Sky City Creatures of glass and Light

New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors

In Denmark, the science fiction short story is a thriving genre, though mostly as a subculture. Since 2007, The Danish science fiction association, Science Fiction Cirklen, has published an annual anthology of original science fiction short stories written by Danish authors. The present volume contains a selection from the first two of these annual anthologies.

Published in 2010. 241 pages, 199 Dkr


New European stories of the fantastic

This anthology presents new stories of the fantastic from a dozen Eurpean nations, from Finland in the north to Spain the south and Romania in the east.

Published in 2007. 239 pages, 199 Dkr

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Danish registration number: 6610. Account: 0002688393

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